Refund Policy

Consumer rights to refunds for purchased Cast Credits

If you are a “consumer” (within the meaning of applicable UK consumer law) and you purchase Cast Credits on the Platform, you are entitled to a statutory 14 day window starting on the date you purchased the Cast Credits (the “Cooling-Off Period”) during which time you may cancel your purchase of any of those purchased Cast Credits that you have not used, and you can claim a refund in respect of them. 

You agree that you will be able to start using the Cast Credits you have purchased during the Cooling-Off Period.

If you do use any of those purchased Cast Credits during the Cooling-Off Period (for example by redeeming them to watch Videos on the Platform or to obtain Channel Passes) you will lose your right to a refund in respect of them (subject to the “Return of Cast Credits for Unsatisfactory Videos” section below).

There is no right to a refund in respect of any Cast Credits you have “earned” on the Platform in accordance with our Rewards Policy and you cannot cash these out.

If, during the relevant Cooling-Off Period, you would like to request a refund in respect of Cast Credits you have purchased but that you have not yet used/redeemed, please submit a refund request via and we will reimburse you the full amount of those un-used purchased Cast Credits within 14 days of your refund request. We will issue the refund to the same payment card that was used for the purchase transaction. Please note that you must submit your request for a refund before the expiry of the Cooling-Off Period.

When assessing how many “purchased” Cast Credits in your Wallet are un-used and eligible for a refund, any Cast Credits awarded on sign-up will deemed to have been used first, followed by  “purchased” Cast Credits, followed by “earned” Cast Credits, and if you have purchased Cast Credits on more than one occasion (before all previously purchased Cast Credits have been used), the Cast Credits purchased first will be treated as used first.

Rights to a refund on termination by you

If you exercise your right to terminate and delete your Fan Account under normal circumstances pursuant to clause 7.2 of the General Terms, you will not be entitled to any refund of your Cast Credits (subject to any refund rights you may have pursuant to the “Consumer rights to refunds for purchased Cast Credits” section above or “Return of Cast Credits for Unsatisfactory Videos” section below).

However, if you exercise your right to terminate and delete your Fan Account because we have changed our T&Cs in a manner which is adverse to you (and such change is not in order for us to comply with applicable law or regulation), you may be entitled to a refund of purchased Cast Credits in accordance with applicable consumer law. Please get in touch via to discuss this with us.

Return of Cast Credits for Unsatisfactory Videos 

  1. View of a single Video 

Where you are a Fan and you redeem Cast Credits to watch a single Video on the Platform and your reasonable expectations are not met (for example, because the length or content of the Video is not as described, or the quality of a live stream is not of a reasonably satisfactory quality), you may request that the Cast Credits you redeemed on that unsatisfactory Video (the “Unsatisfactory Video”) are returned to your Wallet. You can do this by contacting us via our chat function or by emailing 

Where we agree that the Video did not match up to reasonable expectations, it is our policy to honour Unsatisfactory Video requests by returning the Cast Credits which you redeemed for the Unsatisfactory Video (or an appropriate proportion of them) to your Wallet.

You acknowledge that returning or refunding Cast Credits redeemed on Unsatisfactory Video will be at our sole discretion, and any return or refund we do issue will constitute your sole and exclusive remedy in respect of the Unsatisfactory Video. 

  1. Channel Passes 

Cast Credits redeemed in exchange for a Channel Pass are non-refundable, unless you have a statutory right to a refund. 

When purchasing a Channel Pass for a particular Channel, it is your responsibility to ensure you fully understand the scope of Publisher Content the Channel Pass will grant you access to; the duration of the Channel Pass you have purchased (i.e. the “Channel Pass Period”); and that the Videos you want to watch using the Channel Pass are available in your geographical location.