Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still access content on the Recast platform? 

The Recast platform could be switched on from as soon as Wed 11th October but will look a little different as we re-engage with Publishers over the coming weeks 

What happens to unused cast credits? 

CTP is, to the extent possible from the information available to us, honouring wallet balances containing purchased and unused credits as at the date of the administration appointment by allocating Compensation creditors to these fans. All wallet balances have been cleared to nil as a consequence of the administration process, however to the extent possible from the information available to us, we have allocated Compensation credits into your wallet. The Compensation credits take into consideration your history of top ups, free/earned credits and credits spent. These credits will be available to you as long as you log in and purchase content within the next 90 days.

What happens to my data? 

As a result of the sale, your data has been transferred to CTP who now act as data controller. Details of how your data is used can be found in our Privacy Policy (Link). The platform’s Terms and Conditions can be found here.

When will my favourite channel(s) be live again? 

We are in the process of re-engaging with Recast’s Publishers. Sign up (Link) to our marketing newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action and the content you love.