Recast for Media Owners

Unlock immediate and scalable recurring revenue from new and existing customers, with zero acquisition costs.

Recast enables media owners to quickly generate revenue at scale and capture meaningful data from new and existing audiences without acquisition costs, while consumers enjoy seamless and affordable access to content via a universal micropayment-wallet.


  • Easy to integrate
    Integrate Recast onto your website and get going in less than an hour.
  • Flexible
    Use Recast as a standalone or complementary solution.
  • Affordable
    The most cost-effective streaming, monetisation and data capture solution in the market.  
  • Maximise reach & revenue
    Unlock new audiences and revenue from existing ones using Recast Reach.
  • Access user data
    Zero and first-party data to drive new revenue streams and optimise media monetisation.
  • Increase conversions
    Whether capturing data, increasing PPV revenues or reducing CPA to your subscription offering, Recast is proven to work.
  • Global
    Available in over 100 countries with simple geo-blocking functionality to monetise dark markets.
  • Secure and trusted
    Protecting every transaction and exchange of value.


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