Increase the reach of your content with Recast Affiliate

June 17, 2024

If you’re familiar with Recast you’ll have heard of Recast Embed, where you can now integrate your live and on demand content channel into your own site, meaning your fans can browse your content without having to leave your site.

Well, now you can generate revenue from fans from any website by using Recast Affiliate. In short, anyone can host your content and you'll both earn directly from each purchase.

Here's how it works:

Recast Affiliate - How it works

So, from brand partners and athletes to influencers and fan forums, we'll set them up as an Affiliate in minutes and they can host your content straight away. 

And remember, with Recast you still maintain complete control of your content by setting:

  • The price of content
  • Any geo-blocking required (if you’ve sold rights in certain countries)
  • The Affiliate earning percentage.

Have you considered using your audience to earn without having to generate content yourself?

If you've got an audience then you too can become an Affiliate for others and generate revenue without even having to produce the content yourself. Easy money!

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