How to find the right package to maximise your content’s reach

January 23, 2024

The past few weeks we’ve excitedly talked about our new and improved offering which is designed with an even bigger focus on helping rights holders get paid fairly for their content and increase their reach

This new offering is designed for everyone. We have four different packages to choose from, with an exciting list of new features and benefits in each.

In this article we’ll discuss these four options, how you can get started on Recast FOR FREE, and explain all of the fantastic benefits available to you. 

Explore the right package for you:


The FREE package is perfect for any rights holder that is:

  • Looking to publish regular on demand content
  • Show ad hoc live events
  • Use Recast Embed
  • Earn through Recast Affiliate


With unlimited streaming and more, the LITE package is perfect for anyone that:

  • Wants to stream regularly
  • Is looking to offer their fans unlimited content 
  • Requires multiple RTMP keys for their streams
  • Would like access to tech support


With Affiliate outreach support and more, PRO is perfect for Publishers that:

  • Host international events
  • Want access to 24/7 support
  • Want support growing their Affiliate network
  • Want to find out more about your audience data


Our premium package, PROMOTE, is perfect for any rights holder looking to take their marketing and data to the next level. Benefits include:

  • Access to opted in fan data to understand demographic and usage trends
  • Fan opted in email addresses to run your own campaigns
  • 12 bespoke email campaigns p/a 
  • Support with event promotion

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