A new offering to simultaneously broaden reach and revenues.

July 3, 2024

We’re delighted to announce the relaunch of Recast!

Under new ownership - Content Technology Partners Limited, trading as Recast - we’ve been working tirelessly to bring all the strengths that Recast previously offered, but with tweaks to our focus, our model and the functionality available to you, we’re very excited about the significant value Recast will unlock for you and your fans going forward!   

What is “the new” Recast?

Recast is no longer a destination! Rather than bringing your content and your fans to Recast TV,  our technology takes your content to where your current and prospective fans are. 

Our self-serve content distribution and payment solution allows you to monetise both on-demand and live content on your own website/platforms and/or that of your affiliates (athletes, brands, teams, influencers, co-creators, etc.) via a micropayment-first offering, with earnings distributed in real-time.

In short, our technology enables you to maintain complete control of your rights while maximising reach, engagement and unlocking revenue for every view, while giving fans "one click" access to content using their Recast (SSO - single sign on) wallet. 

“Recast Wallet”, what’s that?

So long as you use our technology then with the touch of a button, fans sign up to or are automatically logged in to their Recast wallet on your website, becoming an engaged customer of yours with as little friction as possible, from which you can capture their data and generate revenue from them. 

We’ll spare you the tech detail, but simply put, the wallet is automatically linked to the media on your website, unlocking revenue from the touch of a button via our micropayment-first model. Looking to tie them in longer? We’ve got you covered with Channel Passes.

Data, you said something about data!

That’s right, the Recast Wallet is there for the fan to exchange value. Whether you’re rewarding them for their engagement, incentivising them to share their data with you, or to facilitate micropayment for media (or more, watch this space 😉) the Recast Wallet sits at the centre of this value exchange.

Reach v Revenue, the age old debate. Where does this leave us?

Enter Recast Affiliate. Not only can Recast unlock value from your fans on your website, but it can unlock value from fans across as many websites around the world as you’d like, meaning you’re taking your content to where the audiences are, maximising reach, fan acquisition and revenue.

Whether it is your brand partners, influencers, athletes or just a website with fans who would love your content, they can all host your content and you still maintain complete control, setting the price, the affiliate percentage and any more rules. 

Alternatively, if you've got an audience then why not act as an affiliate for others, and make revenue without even having to produce or buy the content. Everyone wins.

Did you know…

You can also tag and split earnings with other Publishers - it’s like tagging someone on social media, but instead you just decide what percentage of revenues you want to allocate to them. Then sit back and our tech will take care of the rest. 

Oh, and tax. Have you considered how you're recording digital consumption tax from revenues being generated from fans around the world? We take care of that too, in real time, of course. 

This all sounds a bit like Web3?

Well no, it’s not on blockchain, but you are right! The functionality here stems from the concepts of Web3, using the mechanics of gamification and the leading content distribution and micro-payment technology out there – if we may say so ourselves - and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Who are we working with?

You! Hopefully. Here’s a breakdown:

Rights holders

Do you want to scale to reach new audiences, monetise dark markets and learn more about who your fans are? Our technology is self-serve – even your Granny could navigate their way through this one – so touch base to see how we can be a part of your web offering. Capture data, engage with fans, reward them with loyalty and monetise their views.


Have you got talent that has massive reach and they want to earn money from their audiences without having to produce the content? Become an affiliate! Are you representing clients who are looking to maximise reach and distribution, or amplify the relationship with brand partners/sponsors? There’s lots for us to talk about, get in touch!

Digital Solution and OTT providers across the industry 

We’re here to be a part of the solution, not the solution. Talk to us about how we can complement the OTT platform you’re building for a client, or how we can help them monetise content you’re helping them to produce, generate and/or store. We’re forming partnerships across the industry and we’d love to form one with you too!

Get in touch

It takes just minutes to integrate our technology into your website. If you’d like to speak to us email us at publishersupport@recast.tv, or if you want us to speak to your digital agencies or partners, we’re happy to do so.

Grab a meeting here to chat to our Partnerships team who are ready to unlock maximum value for you and your fans.

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For all pricing information and to find out more, just get in touch.