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The growth of reach and revenue used to work at odds with each other. Now there is a fair way to share and monetise content.

Through Recast's proprietary distribution and payment technology, you can distribute your own content anywhere across the internet, opening new markets and growing your audience through affiliates. All while getting paid up to 75% of the price you set yourself...

Meanwhile, your fans only pay for what they want to watch. Recast - it's the fair content distribution and payment network.
1. Recast Publish

Recast Publish is your own content management platform where you control all your content, earnings, sharing and more.

2. Upload or Schedule

It's easy to upload on demand content or schedule live content.

You can:

- Set / edit your price
- Manage geo-blocking for dark markets
- Enable DRM and more...

Schedule a Live Event
Generate interest by showing your event in our Schedule. Viewers can pay ahead of time, so you can earn right away
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Upload a Video
Short-form or Long-form. Set the price in Cast Credits for your content
Get Started
Set your Affiliate percentage
Extend your reach by incentivising affiliates to host your content 
Set Share Value
3. Earn through Affiliates

You can now earn through Affiliates, where others host your content. Simply set the split of earnings between you and affiliates. Payments from earnings will be automatically deposited into both accounts. 

4. Create Embed Widgets

Generate Embed widgets allowing you to serve the content anywhere across the internet. Customise the widgets to match the style of any site for seamless integration.

Create Widget
You can create a Recast Widget to place anywhere online where you want to sell your content.
Widget Name
My First Widget
Widget Heading
Your heading
Header title you will see above the video selection, leave it blank if you do not need a section header
Embed Code
My First Wid<iframe id="recast-widget-006ZZ851-4fd8-af60-847a-9a7315059cad" src="" width="100%" allow="fullscreen 'src';encrypted-media 'src';picture-in-picture 'src';" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;"></iframe>
Copy to Clipboard
5. Serve your content to the world...

Simply copy your widget code snippet and paste it into any website to reach new audiences and boost your earnings.

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