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Free to join

Recast is totally free to join, easy to use, accessible from any device and affordable. You can watch the content you want, where you want and when you want. Safe in the knowledge  that the vast majority of your payment will go directly to the individual, team, or sporting body that is providing the content.

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Monetise your content on your own platform

For publishers, Recast is free to use and pays content creators in a much fairer way than existing subscription based platforms and packages.

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In-platform credit system

Content is priced from just 1p per minute using our in-platform credit system, 'Cast Credits'. You can buy Casts or earn them in-platform by watching ads, sharing videos, or inviting your friends to join.

85% payout to the publisher

Every time you watch something, up to 85% of the content fee goes to the publisher of the channel you are watching - the rest is used by Recast to run and manage the platform.

Complete control with Recast Publish

Recast is packed with features that give you complete control over your channel, content and earnings.

Recast Publish, our Publishing Management System, gives publishers  easy access to earnings and performance data, the ability to set their own price-per-view  and restrict content availability by geographical location .

What is Recast Publish?
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