Recast is a streaming solution for live and on-demand content. 

Recast was born out of the frustration at the fragmentation of broadcasting and how many subscriptions were needed to just watch content. 

And the acknowledgment that monetisation of rights was challenging for many sports - broadcasters were devaluing rights and the alternative of generating revenue on existing free-to-consumer content platforms was impossible for most. 

There was an opportunity to create something fairer for all creators.Something more transparent. And something that gives fans more access to their favorite content without committing to a subscription. 

For fans
  • Sign up for free
  • No subscriptions needed - no obligation or commitment
  • Only pay for what you want to watch
  • Know that up to 80% of your money goes directly to your favourite teams / creators 

For creators and rights holders
  • Control your own content
  • Stream live or on demand 
  • Set your own price per view
  • Embed your channel onto your own website
  • Up to 80% of the income goes directly to you

Your channel. Your content. Your revenue. Embedded into your own website. 

Watch this space for more! 

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